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Information about the functional areas


From the head coaches and athletes through to the hot-dog vendors, you and the team at the accreditation office will provide event accreditation for every participant and helper, thereby ensuring that everything runs smoothly. You will help out with entering data, taking passport photos and producing ID cards; ideally, you will also have a few days to spare ahead of the event. This may sound a bit dry but is anything!


It´s show time, baby! Dance teams, mascots, artists and interval games need to be well-coordinated and supervised. This is where you come in! On the court, everything has to run smoothly, and under our direction you will help to provide great entertainment during even the shortest of intervals. You will also assist with some of the events in the Fan Zone in front of the arena.


The tension rises ahead of each game, but luckily, we have you. You will work in a team and ensure that everything is in the right place ahead of each game. You will also pay close attention to all the requirements around the court, not least those of the athletes and the referees. Are you ready to take care of our officials and the sports equipment? Then now is your chance!


This is where you will have direct contact with all the EuroBasket participants. Would you like to welcome Luka Dončić, Dennis Schröder, Domantas Sabonis and their teammates at the hotels? Can you also imagine giving a warm welcome to our guests at the airport or the arena? Then quickly apply for the Guest Management team!


Media representatives from around the world are waiting for you. Players and head coaches will be guided to the press conferences by you, and you will make sure that everything is running smoothly in the press box. If you want to take a look behind the scenes of basketball’s media industry and also enjoy pulling strings in the background, this role is just right for you.


This is certainly one of the more interesting duties, and one that requires discretion. Working in this team, you will be deployed as anti-doping chaperones and will support the medical team in carrying out doping tests.


Do you live and breathe basketball? English is not a problem? Tu parles français? O tal vez incluso español? In this role, you will work as a team attaché and get up close to the best head coaches and athletes in the world. You will support the respective team in every aspect and thus serve as an important point of contact with the DBB.


The EuroBasket is held not just in the arenas but can also be experienced throughout each city thanks to our fringe events, which include receptions, coach/referee training sessions and the "Minifestival". Here you will be needed at each location in order to assist our experts. You couldn’t get any closer to our basketball experts and teachers.


Do you enjoy driving or are you interested in supporting the Transportation Manager? Perhaps you even know your way around Cologne or Berlin and are interested in safely transporting our officials, VIPs, referees and athletes through the streets. Does that sound exciting? We think so!


Are you generally the sort of “feel-good manager” every company is looking for? Someone who likes looking after their colleagues and generally creates a good atmosphere? Then don’t hesitate and come support our volunteer manager in everything volunteer-related.