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FAQ - Volunteers EuroBasket 2022

You can find the FAQ on general questions regarding event volunteers and your profile here.


You can register via the Eventvolunteers platform. There you can create a profile and then simply "click" your way through the application process. The application processes for the preliminary round in Cologne ( and for the final round in Berlin ( run separately. If you want to be a volunteer in both Cologne and Berlin, you are welcome to apply for both venues.

The best way is to contact our Volunteer Manager Christoph Beermann directly via

All volunteers must be at least 18 years old by August 15, 2022.

Yes. Commitment, enthusiasm, sufficient time during the tournament and enjoyment of working as part of a team. The enthusiasm and passion of the volunteers will be crucial for the positive experience of all guests. You should have a good knowledge of German and basic knowledge of English. In some areas of operation, a better knowledge of English is required.

The application deadline is January 15, 2022, by which time all data should have been entered on

Unfortunately not. After the application phase, the DBB reviews all applications. Depending on the strength of the application, some additional information is requested or short online interviews are conducted. This varies from area to area.

All applicants will receive feedback by March 01, 2022 at the latest.

Job Areas

You can find an overview of the areas of application by "clicking" through the application process. After registering, you will also find a brief description of the respective area under the menu item "Functional areas", as well as a PDF with detailed descriptions.

Shifts vary depending on the activity and can sometimes be longer or shorter. On average, a shift lasts about 8 hours. A break is of course included in the 8 hours. You will receive the shift schedule before the event.

After the selection phase of the volunteers, we will assign each volunteer to the appropriate shifts in the background. Since we know that you have to plan ahead, we will give you feedback as soon as possible. Your personal schedule will be available in your profile on Eventvolunteers:

No. It is certainly helpful for certain tasks and it is part of the idea of the Volunteers program that everyone contributes their skills and experience, but it is not a requirement.

Of course, this depends on your field of work. But you should definitely always remember your volunteer clothing, your accreditation and especially your cell phone. It is better to do without unnecessary valuables, as you may not always be able to keep an eye on everything during your work. If something special is needed for your area of operation, you will find this out by a contact person from the department or via the shift plan.

The trainings are scheduled from May on and will be held mostly online. We try to compress them as much as possible and offer different dates.

General Info

The EuroBasket will take place with the group phase in Cologne from 01 - 07.09.2022. The final round starts in Berlin on 10.09.2022 and ends with the final games on 18.09.2022. If you are already available in the forefield, both in Cologne and Berlin, so we would be happy about any active support. You can specify the days accordingly in the online registration form on

Yes, all volunteers are covered by liability and accident insurance during their work and on the way to and from the assignment site.

No. Experience shows that most volunteers stay with friends or relatives in the vicinity.

In principle, all volunteers should be available for all match days. This makes it easier for us to plan and communicate with you. However, if you can only be available for a certain time, this is not a direct exclusion criterion.

Since this is an international event, you should be able to speak and understand German or English. Other languages are of course an advantage.

When planning the shift times, we aim that all volunteers also get the opportunity to watch one or the other game of the EuroBasket. You will work in rotating shifts depending on the area, so we will make every effort to ensure you get to watch some games.

Currently we do not have a size chart yet. As soon as we have one, we will share it with you.

For all volunteers employed in Germany, there is a letter from the DBB President that employees can use to request special leave or to present to their employer. This form is also suitable for students of full age to be exempted from classes if necessary. Other certificates can be issued by the organizing committee upon request.

We will keep you informed all the time via e-mails and eventvolunteers app. There will also be an app that will provide you with all the necessary information and inform you about spontaneous changes. You can also reach the volunteer management and your shift leader at any time via the app.

Each volunteer may be subject to a background check by the relevant authorities.

That's no problem, please inform the Volunteer Management Team as soon as possible so that we can schedule other volunteers.

Yes, we understand that circumstances can change. Please let us know as soon as possible if you can't be there after all, so we can offer your spot on the volunteer team to someone else. The correct email address for this is our mailbox:


No, volunteers are honorary helpers. Therefore, there is no monetary compensation for the work. Nevertheless, you will benefit from many advantages. In addition to insurance coverage for the time of your assignment, you will receive:
  • an accreditation for the entire European Championship (without seat entitlement)
  • a volunteer uniform
  • a ticket for the public transport in Cologne/Berlin
  • meals in the volunteers room
  • a certificate
  • a souvenir
Other advantages you will have are that you will be right in the middle of the action at EuroBasket and in daily contact with officials and spectators who are looking forward to the European Championships. You will make many new friends and you can keep the volunteer equipment after the event.

You will receive your volunteer clothing on site, shortly before the event. We will inform you about an appropriate time window when you can receive your equipment.

In order to get you from A to B quickly and without additional costs, we will provide each volunteer with a free ticket for the duration of the event.

We offer free crew catering for all volunteers. This includes a full breakfast, lunch as well as dinner and a snack for volunteers whose shift may extend into the night. The crew catering will most likely take place in the arenas and volunteers who are deployed outside the arenas will be catered for elsewhere by us. We make sure to offer varied and healthy options and provide sufficient food and drink. Special diets will of course be taken into account and can be specified during registration.

Yes, a certificate will be issued to the volunteers attesting to their volunteer work, the period of time and - upon request - the kind of work they did.

Yes, as long as you complete all your assigned shifts, you may of course keep the volunteer clothing after the EuroBasket.