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Information about the functional areas


In the animation department, the supporting program of the tournament is designed. This includes assignments in the visitors' area, on the pitch and also the staffing and accompaniment of the mascot "Schlenzi" is determined in this department. Our animation crew supports the stadium announcer in activating the audience and carries out small break activities together with moderators.

Guest Management

As a spectator area steward, it is your responsibility to ensure that visitors have a pleasant experience at the event. You are the contact person and first point of contact for questions and always have an answer ready with a smile.


The construction department includes, among other things, the construction and dismantling of the tournament venue. We need your helping hands to turn the hall into a great competition venue and to ensure a professional appearance in front of and behind the scenes!


In the "Media" area, we are looking for volunteers to take care of the members of the press. This can be done at a help desk in the media area, where the press representatives can get all information directly. Furthermore, the press team will also be expanded by volunteers who are familiar with photography or press work.

Ticketing / Akkreditierung

Here, everything revolves around the creation of accreditations. Everyone involved in EuroHockey will receive an accreditation so that they can identify themselves accordingly and gain access to the various backstage areas. The accreditation will be staffed by a person from the Orga team, but help is needed especially in the early stages of the event. If you have some prior experience with databases, this is the place to be. The work in this area starts about 2 days before the event starts. However, the effort decreases after a few days, so that an assignment in another area is quite possible to be on duty during the whole EuroHockey2023.

VIP/ Hospitality

In the "VIP | Hospitality" area, everything revolves around the physical well-being of employees, volunteers and representatives. You help to create a comfortable, inviting ambience for everyone. True organizational talents are therefore in the right place here! In the VIP area, experience in the catering/hotel industry is an advantage, but not a must. However, a good command of English is essential, as you will also be looking after guests from the participating nations.

Volunteer Management

Behind the term "Volunteer Management" we understand the assignment in a leading volunteer position. If you can imagine to take over the management for one of the mentioned areas, you are welcome to apply here. Accordingly, the commitment is also necessary a little before the tournament period. Via you have to create schedules, get in contact with the volunteers of your pool, talk to the organizing team, etc. You can actively participate in this process. You can actively participate in this process and will be involved in the ongoing planning process of the event.