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Information about the functional areas


With the help of accreditations, we ensure access authorizations for the individual areas of the competition arena. The accreditation team issues accreditations that give authorized persons access to specific areas that are not open to the general public. Different authorized groups, such as referees, players, officials, media representatives, volunteers, service providers and sponsors, can receive different accreditations depending on their respective activities. This makes accreditation volunteers the first point of contact for people who need accreditation. They receive the selected visitors and hand out the accreditations. In addition, the volunteers are also responsible for checking data and issuing accreditations at short notice.

Anti-Doping und Klassifizierung

Comprehensive doping controls will be conducted at the IBSA Judo Grand Prix. Your task is to inform the athletes selected for doping control and to accompany them from the moment of his notification until the end of the doping control. In the run-up to the competitions a classification of the athletes takes place. Here it is investigated which visual impairments the athletes have. You support the classifiers and athletes in the implementation and handling of the classification.

Barrierefreiheit / Audiodeskription

Accessibility volunteers will contribute to a more accessible, barrier-free and sustainable event. They will be asked to support the target group of people with disabilities and special needs and to help with the audio-descriptive commentary service.


You are the first contact person for the delegation of a country and provide support in case of questions. Ideally, you speak the language of the delegation.


Volunteer Drivers contribute to smooth transportation by driving guests safely, professionally and courteously to/from all official venues, taking care to leave a positive first and last impression of the event. Volunteer Drivers require a valid Class B driver's license.

Logistik & Signage

Logistics volunteers perform general administrative tasks, help set up the rooms, including purchasing and replenishing supplies. They also assist staff and teams with their travel needs from the hotel to the competition and training venue. The Signage Team handles the production and installation of all branding elements and assist with set-up at the competition venue and other locations.

Mediencenter & Social Media

You are responsible for the reception and support of journalists and media representatives. You will also support the photographers in their work, both in the media center and in the photographers' work areas. In the "Livestream" area, you will support the camera team in managing the live cameras. Social Media Volunteers will assist the Volunteer Management Team in taking photos and videos to describe the atmosphere that can be used for social media or press. Creating creative content for the various social media channels is the main task. Own ideas and existing trends can be implemented.

Protokoll & VIP

The team takes care of the welcome, the operation of the VIP area and all protocol matters.


Springer or all-rounder volunteers fill gaps when volunteers are missing and/or help out where there are bottlenecks.

Technischer Dienst / IT

The team is available to assist all audiences inside and outside the competition venue with IT services (e.g. LAN, Wi-Fi, printing, and walkie-talkies) and support end users. You will assist with IT support and support users of IT services (internet, printers, radios, standard Microsoft Office products, etc.).

Wettkampf- und Trainingsstätte / Field of Play

You are responsible for the smooth running of the training and competition hall. In the training hall you control the compliance with the training times and ensure the proper use of the training facility. In the competition hall, you will assist with the entry of the athletes and coordinate the waiting and warm-up area for the athletes.

Wettkampfbüro / Competition Management / Ergebnisdienst

The team supports the competition office and is responsible for the preparation and posting of the start and result lists.


You will assist with the opening and closing ceremonies including the award ceremony.