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Eventvolunteers App

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With the Eventvolunteers App you can check your schedule, check into your shift and communicate with the volunteer center or other volunteers through the integrated messenger.

You can install the app with the following links to the App Store (for iOS devices) and Play Store (for Android devices).

You can login to the app with the same credentials you use to access your profile on the Eventvolunteers website. Use the email address you registered with and the password you created upon registration. In case you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one here.

Yes, you can also participate in events without using the Eventvolunteers App. You will receive your shift schedule including your QR Code as a pdf document by email. You can then print this document or bring it on your mobile phone.

For iOS the app requires version 8.0 or higher. For Android the app requires version 5.1 or higher.

The easiest way to find the app is by following the link at the top of this page to the respective store for the operating system on your device. If you search in the store itself, please ensure that you write Eventvolunteers in one word. In case the app still does not show, your operating system is possibly too old.

The app is available in German and English. Please select the desired language on the login page.

In the Volunteer Center Chat you can communicate individually with the Volunteer Center team. You can open this chat with the icon in the top right corner of your home screen or inside the messenger itself.

Push notifications are currently not supported in the current version of the app.

You have problems starting the app ? Try to change the language on the login page by tapping on German or English. If the app crashes, please proceed as follows:

  • Uninstall the Eventvolunteers App
  • Reinstall the Eventvolunteers App
  • Go to the "Settings" of your smartphone
  • Select the menu item "Apps"
  • Search for the entry "Eventvolunteers" and tap on it.
  • Select the menu item "Storage" below
  • Tap "Clear data" and "Clear cache" at the bottom.
After that, try to start the Eventvolunteers App

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