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Information about the functional areas

All functional areas

I am available in all functional areas.


The volunteers from the Accreditation department will receive all accredited persons and check all the necessary requirements. They will issue the access authorizations. They are needed to access all work areas relevant to them. The area of responsibility also includes data maintenance in the accreditation center in the run-up to the gymnastics festival and during the days of the event.

Audio/video player

Do you know how competitions work and have a high interest in technology? You are no stranger to computers - then you are the person we are looking for to support our music and video feed. You don't have to program anything or calculate speaker settings! Of course, you will be instructed in the function of the systems.


You help with the distribution of packed lunches or directly in the food area. In larger venues, you will be responsible for informing and organizing people so that everyone can enjoy their meal.

Results Service

Volunteers who are deployed in this area support the full-time employees in organizing and running the event as well as looking after visitors. This can mean, for example, looking after VIP guests at the opening ceremony. During the gymnastics festival week, the protocol team is responsible for ensuring that all protocol requirements are met.

Photo volunteers

Impressive experiences, fascinating shows, lots of fun and activities are on the program in 2025. The gymnastics festival world at Messe Leipzig, fascinating top-class sport and the stadium gala - these and many other experiences absolutely have to be "captured"! We need you to document the gymnastics festival in the form of photos and/or videos.

Guest care/protocol

Volunteers who are deployed in this area support the full-time employees in organizing and running the event as well as looking after visitors. This can mean, for example, looking after VIP guests at the opening ceremony. During the gymnastics festival week, the protocol team is responsible for ensuring that all protocol requirements are met.

Equipment team

A gymnastics festival without equipment is unthinkable! Volunteers are needed to help get all the equipment in place. Those who are familiar with the equipment of a particular sport can help us particularly well here. But there is also plenty to do for everyone else, because many hands, quick finish. We need support with setting up, converting and dismantling at almost all of our venues.

Delegation Assistant/ International Team Support

Leipzig is to welcome around 5.000 international participants from all over the world! Do you enjoy connecting with people from different countries and immersing yourself in diverse cultures? Do you enjoy communicating in foreign languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, or other? If so, the International Teams Support role is tailor-made for you! As the primary contact person for an international group, you'll play a key role in ensuring their time in Leipzig is seamless and enjoyable.

Children and youth programme

Be a hero for the little ones! Become a volunteer in the children's and youth area and create unforgettable moments with us. Support us with cool hands-on activities, coordinate the young participants on site and make sure that the shows and parties run smoothly! Join us and go on an adventure with us.


Whether it's sports equipment, pens or adhesive tape. During the gymnastics festival, a wide variety of things are needed at different locations at short notice. You will support the logistics team with the packaging and distribution of equipment, ensuring that the competitions and events run smoothly in the background.


The gymnastics festival is in the public eye. Various sponsors and media partners will support the event and will be given presentation opportunities at the event venues. You will support media representatives, monitor the advertising zones or help with promotional events in the run-up to the gymnastics festival or on site.

Participation offers

The gymnastics festival focuses on shared experiences - not only within the sports and event venues, but also at various central locations in Leipzig. Here, gymnastics festival participants, guests, visitors and the citizens of the region have the opportunity to take part in a variety of hands-on activities and have fun together outside of the competitions. The activities are designed to provide fun, games and excitement and do not necessarily require previous gymnastics experience. Our aim is to inspire people to lead an active lifestyle! In this position, volunteers assume responsibility as station supervisors in our hands-on activities area. Their tasks include supervising various hands-on activities, providing assistance, motivating participants to explore other activities and recording and recognizing the results achieved.


This is your chance to learn a lot of new things about sustainability in sport and try them out in practice! You will support our team in making the gymnastics festival an event that treats people and natural resources in a particularly responsible way. You will accompany various educational activities on site, look after solar-powered event areas, organize the use of our smoothie bikes or conduct exciting surveys that are important for the development of future sustainability concepts in gymnastics! (More information: Extra! You can also take part in our sustainability program for volunteers this year:

School quarters/accommodation

During the german gymnastics festival, around 35,000 participants spend the night in shared accommodation. A lot can happen! We need you as a "trouble shooter". Breakfast doesn't arrive, a window is broken, the air conditioning doesn't start... No problem for you, you stay cool and keep all the threads together. Together with your team (6-10 people), you independently manage all the accommodation processes in your school and ensure that breakfast is served smoothly. You help the guests in emergencies and problems and discuss difficult situations with the german gymnastics festival management. Be the school director for a week.

Neighbourhood management

Without you, there is no breakfast, no access to the sleeping quarters, no orientation in the school. You support us in welcoming and briefing the participants in the accommodation, you are the contact person and information service. In the morning, you will help set up and replenish the breakfast buffet and ensure a great start to the day. You lock and unlock important rooms and are responsible for ensuring that participants have access to the accommodation at all times during the day. With your commitment, you also make an important contribution to ensuring that accommodation is available to all participants and is socially equitable. Help us to make the german gymnastics festival a festival for everyone.

Shows and galas

Rock the stage as a volunteer! Be right in the middle of shows and galas instead of just being there. From coordinating the stage to supporting the show processes and looking after the artists and participating groups - bring your energy and make all shows and galas something special!

Sports/competitions with the individual sports

The tasks in this area are just as varied as the gymnastics festival and its sports. The range of tasks here extends from recording competition areas to moderation, supporting the award ceremony, distributing sports equipment up to time stopping. If you want to support your favorite sport or simply want to be close to it, this is the right place for you.

Participant management

Do you speak German and/or English? Would you like to be in direct contact with the Turnfest participants? Do you have basic computer skills? Then you've come to the right place! By looking after the check-in desk / hotline, you will support the participants by answering their questions about Turnfest.

Transport/driving service

You have a driver's license and are available as a driver. This can be a car or a van. Both people and goods need to be transported as part of the gymnastics festival.

Gymnastics Festival Academy

Various tasks await you at the Gymnastics Academy. On the one hand, we need supervisors for the individual workshop rooms. They take care of the speakers, check the equipment (Is the technology working? Is all the necessary sports equipment there?), check the registration of participants and help with any questions. We also need some individual special tasks and stand-in positions. If the workshops are running and the tasks allow it, you are welcome to take part in the workshops.

Venue management

Are the competition venues ready, are the fences in place and do the signs point the way correctly? The Event Venue Management team takes care of a perfect competition environment. You are the interface between production and sport and keep a constant eye on all (time) schedules.

Volunteer management

You help the volunteers to find their way around the Volunteer Lounge or their place of work. You are the right contact person for questions about catering, shift schedules and locations.

Spectator Service

Many different people come together in one place for the International German Gymnastics Festival. Especially at the beginning of the gymnastics festival, many visitors lack orientation and have countless questions about topics such as accommodation, public transport, competitions, events and leisure activities. You run the info points, provide information and help visitors and participants to find their way around.